British Fires

British Fires are located in Christchurch, Dorset, on the edge of the New Forest. The company has become one of the leading manufacturers of electric fires, boasting a range which includes inset electric fires and electric stoves.

British Fires believe that while trends and styles are constantly changing, the fireplace remains at the heart of home. Which is why the company is always looking at ways to improve, so that they can offer their customers the very best products.

Electric Inset Fires

While some believed that the electric inset fire was old fashioned, British Fires recognised that with a little style and engineering, this was a myth which could be dispelled.

Using the most advanced technologies available to them, British Fires designed and developed the New Forest Electric Fire. The New Forest Electric Fire’s LED flame visuals create unbelievably deep, real fire colours produces elegant flames, evoking a feeling of warmth. Furthermore, the signature logs are crafted from high-quality materials and hand-painted. It’s this attention to detail which ensures they mirror every detail of any log you might find while taking a walk in the New Forest.

The New Forest Electric Fire uses Air Curtain Technology®. This cutting-edge technology has allows British Fires to make the heater system a feature of the fire, stretching across the front of the fire. It works by drawing cooler air in from the room, which is circulated it through the channels in the fire. It then distributes a controlled heat into the room.

Electric Stoves

The Ashurst Barrel Electric Stove and the Bramshaw Electric Stove would be the standout feature in any room.

The Ashurst is based on the popular, Scandinavian cylindrical design. Even when turned off, it oozes quality and authenticity.

The three-sided Bramshaw has a sleek, contemporary look and comes in three installation options; log box, free-standing or wall-mounted.

Both the Ashurst and the Bramshaw employ the hexo heater design. Its interesting honeycomb texture is subtle in design, yet efficient in heat disbursement.

Remote Handset

With so many features available, getting the most from a fire can sometimes be a daunting task. Following market research, British Fires knew that they needed to make the interaction with their electric fires as simple as possible.

Armed with this information, they developed a remote handset with a clear LCD screen and buttons which show exactly what function they represent. This allows users to engage with the fire simply and swiftly.

British Fires carefully selects all of its stockists. This ensures they can offer customers a high level of service based on years of experience.

Burning Desires would be happy to discuss and demonstrate the features of British Fires’ product range. We can also advise you on how to achieve the best possible installation scenario for your home.

For more information about the range of electric fires available from British Fires, please click on the link.

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