The history of Brunner stretches back to 1946 when stove fitter, Martin Brunner, along with his brother, founded the ‘Stove Factory Brunner Eggenfeld’. Its goal – to build long-lasting, high-quality products.

Over seventy years later, the company is run by the third generation of family CEOs, Hubertus Brunner. What’s more, the company continues to innovate. It is constantly working on new and exciting ways to improve the customer experience. No doubt driven by the family’s passion for wood fires.

Family Business

The business originated in Eggenfeld, a small town in Lower Bavaria. Today, they are one of the oldest and most well-known manufacturers of wood heating technology. It is these decades of experience and the desire to constantly rethink and improve their products which makes them such a popular choice for their customers.

The Brunner Philosophy

Over seventy years ago, Martin made a promise to manufacture good and honest products. That promise is upheld to this day. Inside every Brunner product you will find innovation, technical know-how and passion.

The company has always put the needs of the customer first. They work with some of the best and most experienced craftsmen in the industry. In turn, this enables them to develop outstanding products which their customers want.

Types of Furnaces

Brunner’s website offers customers an “orientation”, a chance to get accustomed to what’s on offer and to decide what it is they’re after.

The customised tiled stoves and fireplaces are Brunner’s bespoke offering, something they consider extra special. Starting with a consultation about design and lifestyle, Brunner’s experts consider all the elements, from chimney size to desired heat output. The result is more than just a product, it’s the combination of all the knowledge, experience and skills of Brunnner’s specialised craftsmen.

Brunner also offers a ‘Kit System Tiled Stoves and Fireplaces’, which can be set-up relatively quickly. Or there are the cast iron stoves which they call “the easy entry into the world of fire”. These Brunner model are available in cast iron or steel with a stone or ceramic covering.

Today, there are more than half a million Brunner tiled stoves and fireplaces in German households. This is because when customers choose a Brunner, they know they are buying an experience they will be able to enjoy for many years.

For more information on Brunner products, please click on the link.

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