Elgin & Hall

Elgin & Hall is part of the BeModern® Group. The group acquired the company in 2006 to create a premium brand of micro marble surrounds and inset fires. They lovingly create every design in the UK.

Over the course of almost sixty years of continuous innovation and development, Elgin & Hall has developed a collection of fires and fireplaces to suit any interior and lifestyle. The company manufactures every single fire and fireplace according to their founding principles of elegance and simplicity. Naturally, the company firmly believes that an Elgin & Hall fireplace could be the most rewarding addition to your home.

Micro Marble Surrounds

Micro marble is a reconstituted mix of real marble pieces which are crushed and compacted together using resin. The result has all the charm of natural marble, as well as a smooth finish. What’s more, it has the strength to withstand wear and tear in the home.

Limestone Surrounds

First, Elgin & Hall expertly selects their quarried limestone. Then they cut, carve and polish it to create a graceful centrepiece. They manufacture their limestone surrounds from natural stone. As a result, there is some natural variation. This can include shading, veining, crystal markings and fossils. So while the actual surrounds may differ slightly from what they include on their website and in their brochures, it will look naturally right in any situation. That’s the beauty of limestone, it’s adaptability.

All Elgin & Hall surrounds are designed to keep up with changing lifestyles. Each marble, limestone or timber piece is hand-finished to perfection. And all gas and electric fires are engineered, produced and tested for peak performance and reliability.

Pryzm Electric Fireplaces

In 2018, Elgin & Hall launched its Pryzm range, bringing a new dimension to modern day living.

The company has billed the Pryzm as being more than just a fireplace. It is also “a piece of functioning modern art which will adapt to your mood, your style and your surroundings.” And all at the touch of a button.

The Pryzm has a 2kW heater and outstandingly realistic flame effects. It delivers immediate heat with a ground-breaking visual performance, which will add a touch of elegance to any interior space.

For more information on Elgin & Hall fires and fireplaces, click on the link.

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