Be Modern Fires and Fireplaces

Be Modern fires and fireplaces was established in 1963 when two young entrepreneurs joined forces to launch a business. Originally called Modern Trends, the company started life in Sunderland.

Despite the general assumption at the time that levels of pollution would eventually do away with the fireplace, the two partners maintained faith in our need for a hearth as a focal point to family life. And they weren’t disappointed. To this day, fireplaces remain big industry and Be Modern, as it became incorporated in 1964, is at the forefront.

Almost sixty years later, Be Modern remains a design-led company. It has responded to the public’s awareness of style, quality, energy supply and the environment, ensuring its continued growth and success.

Fire Surrounds

Be Modern’s emphasis was originally on timber fire surrounds with an ornate period look. However, sensing that the public’s attitude would swing towards simplicity, Be Modern extended its offering to include marble, thereby appealing to contemporary tastes.

In 2006, Be Modern bought the design and product rights of Elgin and Hall, and in 2009 the company made another strategic investment when it acquired Broseley Stoves. It was now ready to respond to the emerging concerns about price, energy supply and environmental impact.

Nowadays, Be Modern employs over 400 staff across multiple sites in the north of England, as well as one site in Shrewsbury. With just under sixty years’ experience, Be Modern are now recognised as industry leaders with a reputation for producing high-quality, reliable products. Furthermore, the company employs local skilled labour. It also maintains a strong manufacturing presence in the North East and continually invests in new technology and machinery.


It’s this continuous investment which keeps them at the forefront of the industry. In-house design teams incorporate the latest innovations to meet changing trends and styles. As a result the company manufactures world-class products. The same meticulous eye for detail is applied to all products. Whether traditional or contemporary, and the highest standards of manufacture are applied throughout.

All Be Modern factories conform to ISO 9001, as well as operating stringent internal quality management systems. All BE Modern electric fires are BEAB approved.

The Environment

Be Modern’s timber fireplace surrounds are manufactured from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber. Be Modern is certified to ISO 14001 and operates in an environmentally sustainable manner.


Be Modern manufactures a range of products which include electric fireplaces, marble surrounds, timber surrounds, wall mounted fires, inset electric fires and inset gas fires.

For more information on the Be Modern range of products, please click on the link.

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