Chesneys is one of the leading suppliers of luxury fireplaces, stoves and outdoor living solutions in the UK. At Chesneys, the belief is that a fireplace should be the primary focus of any room. With this in mind, they ensure that every fireplace they design and manufacture embodies the finest craftmanship and design integrity.

For over thirty-five years, this British family business has been anticipating the requirements of its discerning customers, while at the same time adhering to the highest standards of design, functionality, workmanship and service.


Initially, Chesneys was concerned with the restoration of antique fireplaces. However, in the early 1990’s, the company moved into reproducing period fireplace designs in stone, marble and iron. In fact, Chesneys was the first company to mmake authentic fireplace reproductions affordable, developing a bespoke service for both classical and contemporary fireplace designs.

Since then, the company has gone on to develop an award-winning range of wood burning stoves and energy efficient gas fires. As well as its showrooms in London and New York. Chesneys products are now sold in authorised dealerships across the world, including Burning Desires Limited in Preston.


Chesneys offers a wide range of fireplaces. In fact, their collection of marble and stone fireplaces is internationally recognised and available in a number of styles, including contemporary, period reproduction, bespoke or antique original fireplaces.

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There is also a comprehensive range of stoves from which to choose, including wood burning stoves, multifuel stoves, gas stoves and electric stoves.

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The Heat Collection

Launched in 2018, the HEAT collection is a range of 2-in-1 heater barbeques which offer all year-round outdoor heating, as well as a fabulous cooking experience. The range starts with the ‘Heat & Grill, offering great dual-functionality for the same price as many high-end BBQ-only units.

Also available are the “terrace Gourmet’, a unit which will add style to any outdoor space; the ‘Garden Gourmet’ with its powerful heater performance and flexible outdoor cooking options; the ‘Garden Party’, which delivers the ultimate gourmet experience; and for those who want the best in outdoor heating but who already own a BBQ, the ‘Clean Burn’.

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