DRU started out in life as a blast furnace in the mid-1700’s, producing numerous products from cast iron. But when natural gas was discovered in the Netherlands in the 1960’s, DRU switched its focus from pots and pans to gas fires and wall heaters. On its 250th anniversary, DRU was recognized as a ‘Supplier to the Royal Dutch Court’, or ‘Hofleverancier’.

Nowadays, DRU specialises in gas heating appliances, becoming the largest producer of balanced flue gas fires and wall heaters in Europe. DRU also produces wood and multi-fuel stoves and fires, many of which are available to see in the Burning Desires showroom in Preston, Lancashire.

In the late 1990’s, the company moved from its original home in Ulft to its new home in Duiven. It now has operations in three countries and a dealership network which spreads right across Europe and beyond.

The role of the fireplace remains at the heart of every DRU design today. To create warmth, atmosphere and comfort. Of course, nowadays sustainability and efficiency are also of paramount importance, as is innovation. Which is why DRU is constantly reinventing itself so that it can continue to offer an exclusive range of fireplaces and stoves.

In addition to the DRU brand, renowned throughout Europe for its innovative fireplace technology, DRU owns four further brands; DRU Global, Dik Guerts, Spartherm and Green Design.

For more information about DRU and its brands, please visit: https://www.drufire.com/en-gb

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