Ortal Fireplaces

Since it was established in 1986, Ortal has gone on to become one of the world’s premier manufacturers of direct vent gas fireplaces, producing a range of modern fireplaces.

Ortal provides heating solutions which are both creative and effective. These state-of-the-art, live fuel effect gas fires are safe, beautiful and efficient. They also boast a rich selection of special features which include reflective interiors, dual line burners and protective mesh.


Ortal’s meticulous attention to detail and, in particular, to aesthetics, has seen the company become one of the world’s leading designers and builders of high-quality, contemporary gas fireplaces. They design their fireplaces with the stringent requirements of architects, interior designers and property developers in mind.

Ortal modern fireplaces, as well as their traditional gas fireplaces, create a warm, cosy atmosphere, while adding a striking architectural element that brings a sense of wonder to any interior.

The company features one of the largest selections of sleek, modern fireplaces, as well as a host of more traditional styles. They are available in wide range of formats, including space creator (peninsula) fireplaces, corner fireplaces and standalone, to name a few. Furthermore, thanks to their innovative product designs, customers are able to install an Ortal fireplace in a number of locations within the home.


The company has built its enviable reputation on the uncompromising quality of the materials it uses, as well as the finish and ease of installation. Supplying fires across the world, Ortal is committed to continue its market-leading excellence, expert service and support for all of its customers. All of their fireplaces are produced in-house and are constantly being updated to offer the very latest technologies, ultimately setting trends for gas fireplace design.


For more information about Ortal fireplaces, click on the link.

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