RAIS designs, develops and manufactures the highest quality stoves, insets, accessories and outdoor stoves. The company’s aim is to promote warmth and cosiness. In doing so, RAIS creates a quality of life within the home, tailored precisely to the style and tastes of the customer.

Based in Frederikshavn in Denmark, RAIS offers a range of exclusive and eye-catching solutions. They call this “The Art of Fire” – Danish design which never compromises on quality.

Design and Customisation

Ultimately, RAIS strives to create timeless creations which fit perfectly into any modern home. The company works with the customers’ requirements to ensure that this happens.

Customers can customise their stove to their exact requirements. From the height to the colour, the style of handle to the side glass, the range of options is huge. In fact, in a single stove there are between 200 and 250 components, each one designed and adapted specifically for that stove.


Fireplace inserts offer a modern, contemporary look and feel, which still providing an effective and eco-friendly heat source. What’s more, they can be integrated in the home in a number of ways, such as a room divider.

RAIS has a wide selection of wood burning stoves, offering customers a timeless piece which brings not only warmth, but also atmosphere into the home. They also offer customers the option of designing their own wood burning stove so that it will fit perfectly into the interior space.

For those looking for heat, ease and convenience, a RAIS gas stove could be the perfect option. They are available as free-standing or built-in fireplaces and are easily managed using the remote control or the app, allowing you to turn the heat up or down as required.

RAIS also produces a stunning range of outdoor fireplaces, grills and accessories. Traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship combined with eye-catching designs means you can have a cosy place to gather outside, whatever the weather.

For more information on RAIS products, please click on the link.

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