Solution Fires

Solution Fires is a division of Capital Fireplaces Limited. Capital Fireplaces was established over twenty-eight years ago to manufacture and supply high quality, elegant and affordable fireplaces.

Since then, the company has expanded and is now one of the leading UK trade supplier of fireplaces, fires and stoves.

A New Generation of Fireplaces

Solution Fires is the name behind a new generation of highly efficient, authentic and stylish electric fires. The fires have been designed and manufactured to be the focus of your living space. What’s more, Solution Fires offers optimal controllability of heat, light and sound to ensure a truly realistic experience.

You can control the fires from your LCD Remote Handset, via the app which can be downloaded onto your smartphone or watch, or even via Alexa®. Furthermore, you can customise your fireplace to suit your tastes – from altering the colour of the downlights to the brightness and colour of the fuel bed and flames. You can even control the fire when you’re away from home.

The new generation of Solution Fires’ fireplaces come with a number of innovative options, including: ultra-realistic, contoured flame effect technology; a high-quality, hand-decorated ceramic log fuel bed; crackling fire audio with adjustable volume control; thermostatic control with ultra-quiet fan heater; and seven day, twice daily, program settings. And all this plugs into a standard 13 amp 3-pin socket.

Electric Fires

Solution Fires offer you a range of ambient mood settings. Its visually stunning ‘itronic’ technology means you can enjoy the most realistic flame effects on the market. You can also upgrade your fire from standard glass to anti-reflective glass for crystal clear clarity.

You can also stipulate the installation style – front facing, corner (left or right) and panoramic options are all available. There is also a tunnel appliance, as well as a luxury cylindrical electric stove and an inset option, all of which feature Solution Fires’ ‘etronic 3D’ flame effect.


An impressive range of luxury wall-mounted and floor-standing suites are also available. These highly versatile options fit simply on to a flat wall. So you can create your perfect fireplace by mixing and matching the various design elements and finishes available.

For more information about the Solution Fires range of products, please click on the link.

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