Stovax & Gazco Range of Stoves

Stovax & Gazco are manufacturers of wood burning, multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves, fires and fireplaces. In fact, the Stovax Group is the UK’s largest stove and fireplace producer. The Stovax and Gazco range of stoves includes a number of design options, from contemporary to the more traditional. As a result, there’s something to suit everyone’s requirements.

The Stovax Heating Group has been dedicated to the design and production of stoves, fires and fireplaces for over thirty-eight years. Today, the group is one of the UK’s leading stove and fireplace manufacturers and exports its products across the globe. What’s more, behind each of its heating products is almost four decades of expert craftmanship and class-leading innovation.


Stovax Limited was established in Exeter in 1981 and originally designed, manufactured and distributed wood-burning stoves and fireside accessories. By 1988, Gazco Limited had been formed. Gazco would work alongside Stovax on the development and production of gas and electric versions of Stovax stoves.

Nowadays, the two companies work closely together, constantly developing their range of products. This ensures they remain one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of stoves, fireplaces and fires.

Stovax Limited purchased Yeoman in 2006. Yeoman was a long-established manufacturer of wood-burning stoves, specialising in a more rustic and rural style. Stovax Limited continues to produce a range of stoves and fires under the Yeoman brand, maintaining the distinctive styling.

In addition, Stovax is also the UK and Republic of Ireland distributor for a number of other stove and fireplace brands. Among these brands are Lotus Woodburning Stoves and Fires, Dovre Woodburning Stoves and Fires, Varde Stoves and Nordpeis Woodburning Stoves and Woodburning Fires.


At Stovax & Gazco, the focus is not just on creating innovating designs which will stand the test of time, but also to continue to research alternative technologies. These technologies will offer sustainable heating in the years ahead.

Consequently, this focus ensures that Stovax’s wood-burning and multi-fuel products exceed forthcoming ecodesign regulations. In short, the goal is a simple one – to continue to design stoves and fires for the environment which harness the full potential of these natural fuel sources.

In the same vein, at Gazco the focus is on making continuing advancements in the development of high-efficiency gas fire technology, as well as creating ever more realistic flame-effect electric fires.

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