Verine has been producing quality gas fires and fireplaces for over forty-five years, as well as bringing elegance and innovation to the fireplace industry.

The company has appointed specialist retailers across the UK, including Burning Desires Limited here in Preston, to display their products. These retailers also install the fires and provide expert advice so that you can be sure you’ve chosen the correct appliance to suit your needs.


From the initial design stage to the ultimate manufacture of the fire, every effort is taken to produce an appliance which will provide exceptional standards of safety and performance. Before any fire can leave the state-of-the-art facility, every single one is assessed and approved by leading independent organisations before being thoroughly checked by Verine’s quality control team.

All Verine gas fires are built to last in their state-of-the-art UK manufacturing facility located in Staffordshire. Verine’s quality standards comply with the stringent demands of ISO 9001/2000.

Every product in the range features a Flame Supervision Device (FSD) which detects the presence of a flame. In the absence of a flame, the FSD prevents uncontrolled release of gas to the burner. Furthermore, for maximum safety each conventional flue model includes an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS). This ensure that in the unlikely event of a fault, the gas supply to the main burner is shut off.

It’s thanks to this attention to detail that Verine are able to provide a remarkable fifteen-year guarantee with every gas fire*, meaning you can enjoy it for years to come. How’s that for reassurance and peace of mind?


 Verine’s reputation as a manufacturer of some of the most efficient fires on the market has been further cemented by the introduction of the Verine HE high efficiency range.

Verine’s research and development team has invested a substantial amount of time and money into developing the technology required to produce gas fires that save energy and therefore help to keep costs down.

The result is the Verine HE high efficiency range which offers exceptional heat output combined with lower running costs compared to standard gas fires.

For more information about Verine fires, please click on the link.


*The guarantee covers manufacturing and material defects, however it is subject to proof of an annual service and replacement of the oxy-pilot assembly. Terms and Conditions apply. Please refer to the guarantee card supplied with your fire.

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